Business Activity SSIC Code [Company Incorporation]

Company Incorporation | 1 min read | Last updated on 30 June 2019

When registering a Company via BizFile+, the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) demands that businesses submit the Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) code. SSIC codes indicate what our company does and in what field.

ACRA may use SSIC code to determine whether a licence is required for a certain business activity and may refer it to the relevant authority for their approval prior to allowing it to be used by the company.

ACRA only allows a maximum of two business activities to be registered on business profile (bizfile). In cases where company has more than two business activities, the two activities having maximum revenue shall be registered with ACRA.

Use ACRA SSIC Search to find the latest and updated code corresponding to our business activity.

Please take note that if there are changes to our business activities, we must update the information in BizFile+ within 14 days. There is no fee to file the changes. However, a penalty may be imposed for late notification.

If you don’t understand or no idea which one to pick, you may use the following suggestions that may relate to your business activities.

Trading of Products

46900 – Wholesale trade of a variety of goods without a dominant product
47910 – Retail sale via internet (with income mainly from online sales)

Services Provider

70201 – Management consultancy services (general)
73100 – Advertising activities

Investment Purpose

64202 – Other holding companies