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Our Core Values

Deadlines are non-negotiable. We insist to complete our works in time.

Proactive service attitude. We take pride in our work and consistently communicate with our clients for business updates.

Standardize for consistency. We build trust and confident with our consistent standard of work performance.

Remained focus even under pressure. We make sure that every detail is just right, even we’ve been working long hours or are under a tight deadline.

Lifetime Professional Development. We attend Continuing Professional Education (CPE) to maintain an adequate level of professional knowledge and skills to carry out our work competently and professionally.

Optimized Business Environment. We constantly review our efficiency, effectiveness and economical values.


  • Strong client relationship
  • Technical expertise
  • Solid leadership skill

Associate / Accountant

  • Strong client relationship
  • Technical expertise
  • Manage client portfolio between 30 to 100 clients.


  • Tidy and efficient person
  • Ability to work on weekends
  • Understand what is bank reconciliation and GST

If you are interested to be part of us, please send your resume to