Who can be a Company Director? [Company Incorporation]

Company Incorporation | 1 min read | Last updated on 30 June 2019

A director must have legal capacity and attained the age of majority (at least 18 years old).

A director must be of sound mind, mentally and physically fit to render statutory duties.

A director must be a natural person. This means that a corporate entity/enterprise cannot act as a director of another company.

A director must not be subject to disqualification. (For instance, declared a bankrupt, undischarged bankrupts, director of an insolvent company, convicted of certain offences, convicted of at least 3 offences related to required filings with, delivery of documents or giving of notice to, the Registrar of Companies within a period of 5 years.)

It is always the best practice to get all directors to sign the Consent Form to act as director of the Company. [Form 45 of the Companies Act (Chapter 50)]